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This program tests the participants' knowledge of proper Horsemanship, horse anatomy, and basic horse health and safety. The competition involves three tests: riding, written, and grooming and handling. The participants begin in Region level competition through which they may qualify to compete for State Horsemastership Champion and Reserve Champion Titles. There are five categories offered: Combined (Western and English), English I (includes jumping), English II (flat work only), Gymkhana, and Western. There will be two category division, Junior and Senior. The Champions be known as Combined Junior, Combined Adult, English I Junior, English I Adult, English II Junior, English II Adult, Gymkhana Junior, Gymkhana Adult, Western Junior, Western Adult.

The Region participant with the highest total score in each division will be declared Champion, and will be eligible to represent their Region at the CSHA State Show of Champions.  Participants at Show of Champions earn buckles, prizes and Champions are awarded college scholarships.


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