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In 1971 CSHA recognized the importance of distance riding and horsemanship and formed an Endurance Rides Committee.

The purpose of this committee is to promote organized endurance rides and distance riding horsemanship.

Distance riding is not new.  It is just newly rediscovered.  Since the domestication of the horse, thousands of years ago, riding has been man's chief means of land travel.  It has only been in a fraction of that time that man has been traveling with the use of mechanical instead of biological power.

Endurance racing as a sporting event goes back more than 100 years.  Then races lasted for many days and distances of a thousand miles and more, such as that from Galveston, Texas to Rutland, Vermont, a distance of 1,799 miles, averaging a distance of 57.7 miles per day (31 days) in 1886.